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#1. I am a returning season ticket holder.  What is the deadline to purchase season tickets?

You will have until May 1, 2018, to purchase your tickets and renew your Bobcat Club annual donation.  If you have not done so by this deadline, your tickets WILL be released to the individuals on the waitlist. 

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#2. I haven’t paid my Bobcat Club donation yet.  Will the Bobcat Ticket Office process my ticket request?

Your 2018 annual Bobcat Club donation must be paid in full before the Bobcat Ticket Office will process your ticket request or place you on the season ticket waitlist.  Donations to the Bobcat Club annual scholarship fund must be received in full by May 1, 2018. For questions relating to the Bobcat Club Annual Scholarship Fund, please call 406.994.3471.

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#3. I'm a new season ticket holder and would like to purchase 2018 football season tickets.  Is there currently a waitlist?

Call the Bobcat Ticket Office at (406) 994-CATS (2287) to place a $100 down payment on new 2018 Football Season Tickets.  The ticket office will begin calling those who made deposits on June 4th to pick out seats. Calls will be made in the order deposits were received. Deposits are non-refundable and non-transferable 


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#4. I would like new football season tickets, what do you have available?

On approximately June 4th, we will open any available seats to new season ticket holders. Most of our seats available will be on the sideline in sections 108-114. Please see the seat map on the home page for required Bobcat Club donations and ticket prices. Please call the Bobcat Ticket Office at 406-994-CATS to see what is available.

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#6. I had 2017 football season tickets, and I would like to move to a different section.  How shall I proceed?

Once you have received your football renewal email, please call the Bobcat Ticket Office at (406) 994-CATS (2287) to be placed on the waitlist.  If your section requires a donation to the Bobcat Club, please donate prior to making your waitlist request.  

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#7. I am currently in section 108 or 114.  Do I have to make a donation to the Bobcat Club?

A $25 per seat annual donation is required for sections 108 and 114.  

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#8. I am a returning season ticket holder.  How will the ticket renewal process work?  When will I receive my tickets?

If you have made the appropriate donation to the Bobcat Club for your seat location and number of seats, the Bobcat Ticket Office will process your ticket renewal form within 7-10 business days from receiving it. If you have not made a donation to the Bobcat Club by the May 1, 2018 deadline, you WILL lose your seats.

If you have given an appropriate annual donation to the Bobcat Club, and are on the waitlist, your current seats will be saved for you until you are contacted regarding your request.  We will begin calling those on the waitlist the second week of May to go over your options.  Please note:  It usually takes several weeks to go through the waitlist.   

One large mailing consisting of tickets, parking passes, tailgate passes, and other necessary correspondence will be sent in August.

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#9. When will single game tickets become available?

1.    At this time, we do not have an on-sale date. Single game tickets typically go on-sale the end of July.